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XLX Multiprotocol Reflector Gateway for D-Star and Dmr


The XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector Server is part of the software system for the D-Star Network.
The sources are published under GPL Licenses.


The system is composed by a server core completely written in C++ and a Dashboard in PHP.
XLX is the first and only multiprotocol Reflector system until now and supports all standard D-Star protocols like DCS, Dextra and DPlus fully transparent.

The Keynotes are:

  • Written in C++ heavy object oriented.
  • Multithread (do the multithread easy expandable).
  • Bridged multiprotocol, (DCS, DExtra and DPlus).
  • Polymorph, (if your node is linked on DCSxxx, the Core will be showed as DCS Reflector to your node or Dongle. Same for XRFxxx or REFxxx).
  • Easy and fast installation on Linux Server (we only use standard libraries).
  • Runs as a daemon.
  • No Database is needed, we use live output to an .xml file.
  • JSON interface.
  • No registration needed.
  • No DMR-ID needed.
  • The Dashboard is completely written in PHP.
  • Custom Dashboards are possible do to the .xml output file of the core server.
  • Access control via black and white lists.
  • Peer to Peer Interlink via XLX protocol
  • XLX922 And XLX925 Reflector

    You can find our dashboards at and Ric's MI5DAW at
    To connect, visit a reflector and see what modules are being used.
    If using an openSPOT or similar device you can connect via all Dmr and Dstar modes. The openSPOT already has the servers in its database and this makes it easy to connect to.
    xrf922 ip: or
    xlx925 ip: or

  • Port 30001 (DExtra protocol)
  • Port 20001 (DPlus protocol)
  • Port 30051 (DCS protocol)
  • Port 8880 (DMR+ DMO mode)
  • Port 62030 (MMDVM protocol)
  • Select which module to use A B C D on some software you may have to choose a TG, ie 4001 for A, 4002 for B and so on.
    There are links to wires-x room CQ-UK and UK HUB