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DMR stands for Digital Mobile Radio - an open digital radio standard. DMR has received global recognition as a technology that combines voice, data, features and applications.

Phoenix UK

This is the largest DMR network in the UK and also provides a connection to DMR-MARC which stretches over 48 countries and 500 repeaters. DMR Plus is also linked in to provide reflector access to Phoenix UK and DMR-MARC.


Getting Started

Dmr Repeater

Repeater Summary Details for GB7AB
Keeper/NoV holder: ERNEST PRATT [GM7KBK]
Band: 70cm (DVU53)
Output frequency: 439.6625 MHz RX Frequency: 430.6625 MHz
This is a Digital Voice repeater.
(Please note this repeater is NOT licensed for Analogue Voice repeat)
This DV Repeater has Dmr capability cc:1 Connectivity: Brandmeister Pheonix Uk
ETCC Region: Scotland/Alba
Location/Whereabouts: Aberdeen
Location: Aberdeen NGR: NJ896067
Locator: IO87VD
Latitude/Longitude: 57.151825 / -2.1732974
Group web site:
Current Status: Operational
Date of NoV Issue: 29 Jun 2018
Renewal Date: 29 Jun 2021


Running Pheonix and Brandmeister.

Slot 1:- Pheonix Slot1 Talkgroups plus TG850 of Slot2. Talkgroups 1, 2 ,13, 235, 850, 2351 are static.

Slot 2:- Brandmeister Slot 2 Talkgroups and Reflectors. Talkgroup 27247 is static. Use 4000 to disconnect.

TG850 is Scottish chat multimode bridge.
TG2351 is CQ-UK multimode bridge.
TG27247 is Irish Scottish Link.
Reflector 4405/TG9 4415/TG9 Scottish.

In The Box

This MMDVM multi-mode UHF Repeater was built by MM0DUN in a Motorola repeater case with two Motorola GM UHF radio's, Raspberry Pi, Arduino Due with MMDVM repeater board and Nextion LCD screen mounted on front panel. Also contains a built-in power supply. USB and Network cable connections have been extended to the rear. Very space-saving package, all I needed was to connect up a duplexer, bought from ebay and a network cable for the internet connection. Currently setup with the Pi-Star image.




There are a number of pre-configured Pheonix Uk BrandMeister TalkGroups and Reflectors already allocated and configured on GB7AB. Some are allocated to Slot 1 and some to Slot 2.
What you must be aware of is that if you wish to use a Talk Group that is on say Slot 1 for example and someone else is holding a QSO on a TalkGroup that is also allocated to Slot 1 then you may find you are unable to transmit or receive as that Time Slot will be busy.
Please be aware that when you key up on a Talkgroup or Reflector you are possibly activating more than one UK DMR Repeater on that Time Slot.


Slot 1


Slot 1 makes use of the Pheonix Uk system with GB7AB being linked by default to several Talkgroups Tg1, Tg2, Tg13, Tg235. These are calling channels, make your contact on them and then Qsy to Tg80, Tg81, Tg82, Tg83, Tg84.
Also connected are Tg850 and Tg2351, these channels are for chatting on. Tg850 is the Scottish channel which is linked to XLX922 a Dstar reflector and GB 922 a YSF Reflector. Connected to the Ysf Reflector by using MMDVMHost software is the wires-x room TG850 (41729).
Talkgroup 2351 is connected to the Wires-x CQ-Uk room and XLX925 Reflector. As well as a Ysf, Nxdn and P25 Reflector.


Slot 2

Talkgroups And Reflectors

Slot 2 makes use of the BrandMeister Reflector system with GB7AB being linked by default to Reflector 4405. All you have to select is TG9 S2 on your radio and key up – remembering that your QSO can be heard on more than one repeater. If you wish to disconnect it from 4405 to any other Reflector then please feel free to. Select channel 4000 and key mic. This will allow you to another reflector or talkgroup. Try and remember to reconnect to 4405 when finished. Don’t worry if you forget as the default link to Reflector 4405 will be re-established after ten minutes of no activity.
Please be considerate of other users, not just locally but International as well, and keep your QSO to a minimum.
TG9 can be used on both slots as a local calling channel. Please rember if on Slot 2 to disconnect any Reflector using 4000 before talking.


MB6ER Radio

Live Audio Feed

MB6ER is usually in the CQ-UK room. This is one of the most popular. There can be up to 45 Nodes, Repeaters and Gateways from anywhere in the world at anytime. A room that you can have a chat and get information on digital radios, repeaters etc. A live feed has been setup to listen to some great conversations.