Provides digital voice communication

D-STAR, which stands for ‘Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio’ is an open digital Amateur radio standard that offers users a number of ways to connect with other users globally via a worldwide network of digital amateur radio repeaters.

Just like other forms of Amateur radio, D-STAR has a broad appeal from those Amateurs wanting to communicate just for fun to those who would prefer to push their technical expertise.

The D-STAR protocol has rich, exciting opportunities for Amateur radio enthusiasts to experiment and build, utilising 21st century tools such as the web, networking, ethernet, TCP/IP and radio. D-Star is innovative and is keeping radio Amateurs at the forefront of communication technology - Amateur radio has a great future and is moving forward right now with D-STAR digital technology.


An open standard radio network

DMR stands for Digital Mobile Radio and is an international standard that has been defined for two-way radios. The DMR standard allows equipment developed by different manufacturers to operate together on the same network for all the functions defined within the standard.

The aim of the DMR standard was to create a digital radio system with low complexity and low cost that still allows for equipment from different manufacturers to work together, allowing users to shop around rather than being locked into a proprietary system which would be costly to replace and maintain.

DMR ham radio is an open standard radio network optimized through efficient bandwidth use via Time-Division Multiple Access. TDMA divides communication into time slots, which ensures the senders and receivers can communicate uninterrupted in two separate conversations without changing the frequency.




If you want to set up a private gateway for your own use, you do not require an NoV but you are required to use a dummy load instead of an antenna in the node radio... you cannot allow 3rd party traffic in or out of your gateway.. these types of gateway are open to Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced licence holders

The WIRES-X node consists of a PC, the WIRES-X connection kit HRI-200 and a transceiver and is a repeater station used as the WIRES-X access point to connect the Internet and the wireless signal alternatively. The WIRES-X node can open and run a community space "room" where multiple nodes can connect at the same time. Furthermore, the news functions allows you to upload/download messages or images to/from each node or room.
Picture below shows equipment required to run a node or gateway.


The Backbone to the WIRES-X system is not reliant on the REPEATER network, Its mainly the Gateways. Why you may ask ?. Well very few Repeaters are connected to the wires-x system, it can be very expensive to run and can be very hard to setup on the Wires-X system for many reasons i.e. because of DATA usage, Remote locations and internet access availability, Gateways on the other hand are very easy (Hardware wise) Usually they are located in the home where the internet is already established, usually with large bandwidth and for someone who already operates a personal wires-x node via a dummy load its easy to convert to a Gateway for others to use, by applying for and getting an NoV (Notice of variation) and replacing the the dummy load for an antenna. You provide a service for other C4FM users in you area. Here are some things that need to be considered before you try to share your node. You will require equipment that may be tied up for a year just to provide a service for other amateurs... remember you have to be at least a intermediate or full licence holder to operate a gateway....and you will be expected to know the technical answers required to fill in the NoV.




System X is an independent premium DMR global network, managed and maintained by trusted independent network franchises & the FreeSTAR UK International network. The server runs RYSEN Master+ OpenSource DMR Master Server software, which has been develeped by radio amatuers for radio amateurs. A compilation of software by various software developers. The server is native to MMDVM HB protocol and uses various techniques to act as a master, peer, & bridge server.
Currently there are more than 9 System X servers in the world! Currently hosted in London United Kingdom, Granada Spain, Ohio United States, Central America, Australia & More. As the system evolves, more servers will be added in their perspective countries to improve performance.
The System X DMR Global Network can host multiple end-user applications including Pi-Star, Pi-Star W0CHP Dash, BlueDV, OpenSpot, DroidStar, DudeSTAR DVSwitch & more!
The project is an open project and we encourge experimentation, bridging & multi-mode technolgies on the network.



C4FM Internet Connection Server

A solution for connecting repeater bridges and access points using the C4FM / Yaesu Fusion 2 digital ham radio protocol with excellent operational quality and custom configurations. It is a project developed by: Kurt OE1KBC.
In Spain, the reference server is YCS224 and it is interconnected with the BrandMeister 2140 network and the DMRPlus network for a complete and extended presence in the territory. This C4FM reflector is available to all amateur radio colleagues and allows you to simplify connection management through a single, practical panel. Also, if someone wants to do without managing their own YSF reflector, they can now easily rely on this system to continue normal operation.
The reflectors of the YCS world are interconnected, so it is easily possible to perform foreign QSOs as is already the case in the DMR and DSTAR world. Let’s see in detail the operating procedures …


CQ-UK openSPOT Server

Reflector for openSPOTS

This server accepts connections from another openSPOT, openSPOT2, openSPOT3 and openSPOT4 devices. This SERVER supports many active connection Server supports C4FM, D-STAR. NXDN, DMR and P25.


MB6ER Radio

Live Audio Feed

MB6ER is usually in the CQ-UK room. This is one of the most popular. There can be up to 25 Nodes Wires-x, 300 connected via reflectors, Repeaters and Gateways from anywhere in the world at anytime. A room that you can have a chat and get information on digital radios, repeaters etc. A live feed has been setup to listen to some great conversations.